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Laing Middle School9

Mt. Pleasant, SC | Charleston County


July 20, 2014

Laing is Mt. Pleasant's best kept secret! It is a wonderful school. The teachers and staff are excellent. It is small for a middle school, making it easy to have genuine relationships with everyone at the school. It prepared my son for acceptance to Academic Magnet HS.

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April 16, 2012

my child went for 6 th grade.He went for half of 7th and then i moved him to pca because there was a ton of drugs.I moved him right before 4th quarter and we love pca alot more.

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May 19, 2011

Laing is indeed a secret in Mt. Pleasant. The teachers are great and the school is neat and clean. The small class sizes really allow the teachers to get to know the students and to have a handle on where they are in their learning of the subject matter. Thank you to all the hardworking teachers and staff!

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December 4, 2010

New resident in the Mount Pleasant area. I am delighted we ended up in the Laing Middle School District. The school is a great size, has great curriculum, teachers. The building is old but the county seems to compensate with the technology available in the classroom. Overall -- a secret gem in the Mount Pleasant school system.

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May 15, 2009

I attend Laing Middle School and I'm in the 7th grade so I know a lot about the teachers and I think that some of them are really mean and seem like they don't want to be their to teach us students

Submitted by a student

January 16, 2009

Laing is a wonderful little secret in Mt Pleasant. This schools pulls from Isle of Palms, Hamlin Plantation, Seaside Farms and Snee Farm. The children and parents are excellent. Very few behavioral issues here (two of my kids went through for a total of 5 years, one graduated in 2008). The band is excellent and Mr. 'N' is one of the best instructors in the state. The school is very small (under 400 kids), the teachers and staff are friendly, kind and caring. They know all the students by name. The school is very old, but they keep it bright and immaculate. The bathrooms are very clean. The lunch crew is very polite and my two kids have never complained about the food. Very well run school considering it's unwarranted reputation. I can compare to Cario Middle first hand, and it's just three times larger with three times the problems.

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February 24, 2008

This is an amazing school. I am in the 6th grade and loving it already. The teachers are so nice. I am in the class of 07-08. My teachers are Mrs. Dorsey and Ms. McCormic. They are the niced teacher you could have

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May 23, 2005

I just graduated from Laing Middle School and must say it was an excellent school. Most importantly the teachers are what made it the best. They worked harder then any other teachers i've ever seen work hard at all. The students were also generaly a pleasure to know. I had losts of friends and there are definatly plenty of different groups of kids, most definatly someone there to be friends with, no one gets left out, its great. I enjoyed Laing very much and believe my fellow students would say the same.

Submitted by a former student

July 11, 2004

Laing Middle Scool is a great school and I feel that most of my other fellow students feel the same way. The bathrooms are almost always neat and clean and the teachers are great! Go Laing!

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